Ash Casper

Ash is a lead designer, art director, and illustrator living in the Bronx, New York. In her work, she strives to navigate the intersection of strategy and design with a goal to inspire action and challenge preconceived perceptions. 

Select Clients Include:
    Environmental Defense Fund
    Housing Up
    Tatter Blue Library
    Plot Shift Media
    The Mom Project
    The New York Times 
    Kate Spade
Kate Spade
We’ve Got a Thing for Green
    Kate Spade wanted to revitalize its iconic brand in a way that honored its heritage, but with a modern twist. Kate Spade has always been known for a certain style of creative optimism—and a distinctive color green and boldness has been at the heart of the brand since day one. SYLVAIN was brought in as a creative partner to establish the next manifestation of the brand, helping Kate Spade resonate with a new generation of consumers. In collaboration with Kate Spade this came to life through a design system rooted in simple graphic elements and a dynamic campaign announcing it to the world.

    Agency: SYLVAIN