Ash Casper

Ash is a lead designer, art director, and illustrator living in the Bronx, New York. In her work, she strives to navigate the intersection of strategy and design with a goal to inspire action and challenge preconceived perceptions. 

Select Clients Include:
    Environmental Defense Fund
    Housing Up
    Tatter Blue Library
    Plot Shift Media
    The Mom Project
    The New York Times 
    Kate Spade
Kate Spade
It All Started With
    Spring 2023 was a pivotal moment for Kate Spade to reconnect with curiosity and optimism—the mindset that defined the brand from the very beginning. With the new season came the opportunity to inspire both younger  and new consumers with the personality and character that has always resonated with the brand’s most loyal customers—bringing them together in unexpected moments of provocative storytelling.

    Agency: SYLVAIN
    Director: The Bardos